1 Main Street Across from the Hilton
Near GE Cruisers Electric Car World Headquarters

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"The freshest boats in town"


>What Not to Ask Us

So many boats so little time

Zeus the guard dog

Don't miss our e-cruiser / boat rental package!

When We're Open:

From Ice-Out 'til Columbus Day
Open Daily
(weather permitting)
10 am - Local Sunset
(or until we get too cold)

What It Costs:

The Boats
Hourly Rates ( 2 people)
Paddle Boat $25
Row Boat $25
Canoe $25
Single Kayak $25 (one person only)
Double Kayak $25
Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) $25
Hydro Bike $25 (one person only)
Sail Boat $50
Electric Boat $50
Electric Car GEcruisers.com
Cruise Ship Market Price
Guard Dog Priceless
Cranky Fee $2 (for whining or complaining)
More than 2 Life Forms / boat $10 per life form*
*Yes your baby/dog/grandma/etc...counts as a life form


When you see this sign - you're there.

Hydro Bike - No helmet required

"Spincraft" Electric Boat
(the Escalade of the fleet)

No - We don't make you swim to the Sailboats


We have SUPs!

After the boats, the kids will want to try the cars.
Might as well go for the Boat / E-cruiser Package!

Where to Find us:


Too Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What's with the lake?
A. Huh?

Q. Are there fish in the lake?
A. Several species. Most abundant are the Snarp, Cow-fish and the bottom dweller,
Hummerfish (good eating that one)

Q. How deep is the lake?
A. Deep. However, more importantly, "How deep is your love"? (our apologies to the brothers Gibb)

Q. What happens if I come back late?
A. We take your first born. Or you pay another hour's fee ( it's up to you)

Q. But I don't have a watch! (addendum to previous question)
A. Start counting......NOW!

Q. Can I hang out on the dock while my friend/child/spouse/parent/dog is out on the boat?
A. Of course not.

Q. Is this Lake Placid?
A. Yes

Q. Then why does it say Mirror Lake Boat Rental?
A. Huh?

Q. Where's the alligator?
A. Betty White ate it. If we could only get rid of Bea Arthur in the same manner.

Q. Does my baby/child/teen count as an additional person?
A. According to Dr. Spock, these kinds of questions can severely affect a child's developmental growth and psyche. You are, in fact, questioning their role as a separate entity. Is this really worth saving the $5 additional person fee?